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This book is all about finding winners when betting on the over 2.5 goals soccer market. This means we are looking for matches that will produce at least three goals. I have spend 12 months systematically analyzing the over 2.5 goal market from a great variety of angles and the book takes no less than 18 different betting systems through test. Furthermore I have looked at all the important factors that can contribute to a match going over 2.5 goals.


It´s been a question of doing an all in research to try to break the market. You will often get two goals in a match, but to get that third important goal and be a winner long term have taken some serious investigation. This means that you will see some of the 18 systems perform well, others to perform mediocrely and some not to perform at all. It´s all about finding out what to look for and what to avoid in order to find winning bets.


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At Amazon by clicking hereThe book is available in all Amazon territories. This is a Kindle version that can be viewed on all computers and Kindle devices.



In PDF form by clicking here. If anything, contact me at I will always respond to mails after normal working hours and send the PDF manually if any problems. 


Over 2.5 goal book





Lowkeysoccerbetting is all about betting on over 2.5 goals and other related markets as the over 1.5 goal market and the over 0.5 and 1.5 team goal markets. I just completed a book on the over 2.5 goal market, which has been 12 months of careful research. The book will available on Amazon around x-mas 2017 or the beginning of 2018. I will also write blog posts on the goal markets and other subjects like odds, betting systems, consistency and discipline, which I will share amongst other things via my newsletter and twitter profile.

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