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Tipster review: My Betting Edge - "The Engine"



This is a tipster review of THE ENGINE from My Betting Edge, which is a daily sheet that can be found on their website, which highlights picks for O 1.5 goals, O 2.5 goals, BTS, 8-11 corners and some other special markets that can only be found at certain bookmakers. The sheets provide far the most picks for O 1.5 goals and corners. The people behind My Betting Edge advice to make trebles from the highlighted selections, which I did. The sheets are nicely set up and easy to navigate.


Apart from THE ENGINE, My Betting Edge provides stats sheets for a large number of leagues and also daily picks that you can purchase on a monthly or yearly basis.


As you might now, I only put a review on my site IF the trial was profitable and IF the tipster or service is priced below 30 GBP a month. Which means that right now, you are reading a positive review of a service that is fairly priced. Just what we need in between the hundreds and hundreds of scammers and overpriced services out there.



Initial thoughts


I found My Betting Edge through twitter and immediately checked their website, which is pretty easy to navigate. The communication on Twitter with the guys behind have seen fast responses, and I got the immidiate impression that they care. They also advise you not to go beserk with the picks from the sheets, they run a charity case on their site and overall, I found My Betting Edge to be professional in their advice and sympathetic at the same time. The above things are important to me when I engage with a service.


There are two things that I want to point out:



The Engine sheets were sometimes uploaded late in the day. I personally like to be able to place my bets fairly early or whenever I have time in the day. That was often an annoyance. For instance. On Sunday 26th of November, I checked for the sheets six times before it was finally uploaded after 13.00. I personally had seven minutes to use the picks for Serie A before the 14.00 kick off. Stressful when you are committed to family business at the same time. I think that a professional paid service needs to make it as easy as possible for their customers and get things ready in good time.



My betting Edge provides five different subscription packages, and it was a little difficult to figure out, which package provided what. Maybe I was a little blond on the day, but I would have liked a simpler setup for subscriptions with fewer packages.



Tipster review 



To make it easier for myself when choosing my selections from the Engine sheets, I decided to only use the corner picks. What I did was to look for matches where over 9.0/10.0 corners where highlighted and then see if I could take a bet on over 8.0/9.0 corners. By doing that, I was going lower than the highest line and effectively trying to give myself an even better chance of a win. If it weren´t possible to take a bet at the bookmaker that was lower than the highest line highlighted, I would in some occasion take the highest line. I would combine three of these corner bets for a treble and took two bets at the most pr. day. I furthermore looked to bet in the strongest leagues available on a given day. I thoroughly believe that stronger leagues provide more consistent results than lower ranged leagues. I also voided taking any bets in leagues from Asia or Eastern Europe.


In the results sheet, you will see the home team of the match mentioned and right behind follows a parenthesis with a number, which was the corner line to beat.


I did not take any real bets. The starting bank of 100.0 is artificial, but I used that number for a starting bank to make it easier to calculate the results and points.


The review started guns blazing, taking the profit to 12.17 points after 18 bets with a ROI of 67.6%. The results then took a down swing with six consecutive losing bets and I ended with these final results:


Number of bets (trebles): 27

Strikerate: 44.4% (12 from 27 trebles)

Points profit: 6.09

ROI: 22.6%



My betting Engine results



These results are more than decent. I would have liked to continue the review to around 50 trebles, but we need to remember that the trebles provided 80 individual bets (as the last bet was a double) with a strike rate of 76.3%, so a good indicator that the sheets work.


There were 15 of 27 trebles/doubles losing and for the record, 80.0% or 12/15 only lost by one bet inside the treble.


I will certainly look to get involved with My Betting Edge taking on the full subscription, which also includes the authors owns picks. 

Click here to go directly to MyBettingEdge



Good luck with your betting!




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